Pomegranate is an open source Python application that implements the open Webification for Science (w10n-sci) API for major scientific data stores (HDF, NetCDF, etc.). It makes file inner components, such attributes and data arrays, directly addressable and accessible via well-defined and meaningful URLs. A white paper on w10n-sci is available here.

Data exposed by w10n-sci API is readily consumable by any HTTP client. It can be as simple as a command line like curl or wget, or as advanced as a full-fledged HTML5 web application such as REX.

Pomegranate has been included in Taiga, a turnkey software tool that simplifies the use of scientific data.

It can be installed as a command line tool and/or a ReSTful web service.

It depends on many open source packages, including

To set up w10n-sci web service using Pomegranate, please read service-setup.txt.

Pomegranate is currently used by various space missions and researach projects. Listed below are a few public repositories powered by Pomegranate:

Source code is available at Open Channel Software. However, please note that Pomegranate alone won't be enough to establish a w10n-sci service. What you really need is this instruction service-setup.txt, that details the steps necessary to build, install and configure for a complete service. Or rather use a turnkey solution like Taiga, so that you can be up and running in minutes.